English-Spanish Translations

Professional language translation services for market research materials.

Why should you consider our services?

Researchers spend many hours honing their questionnaires, ensuring that each question, product profile or ad will work as intended but all efforts may be fruitless if a bad translation is used.

With a view to avoiding it, words need to be re-interpreted for each local market and target audiences need to be considered if we are to elicit meaningful answers. In addition, knowledge of medical jargon or accurate technical considerations may not suffice to obtain good responses if the translator is unable to comprehend the logic behind the questionnaire.

A good translation has a two-fold effect: release the moderator's tension and help to involve participants. When the language used is unfamiliar for any of the parties, the communication is somehow hindered.

We can help you

  • We believe that it is absolutely necessary that the translators working on your questionnaires have proven expertise in the marketing field and knowledge of the subject translated.

  • We will always work with you to ensure that the style and knowledge developed in the questionnaires and/or other reading materials meet exactly with your requirements.

  • To ensure that the translations we deliver to you are as accurate as possible, quality checks are carried out by in-house specialised personnel at every point in the translation process.

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